We all have seen an airplane in the sky and thought of flying in it once in our lifetime. Some of us have traveled in an airplane as well. The airplane soars in the sky with elegance not causing any discomfort to the passengers. Thanks to the pilots who ensure that the plane takes off and lands safely. Here’s your opportunity to be one. How? Let’s find out.

Can I Be a Pilot?

Anyone who meets pre-entry requirement, varies from airlines to airlines.  If you meet the pre-entry requirement, you can apply for the selection tests.  

The main purpose of the selection tests is to limit the risk of failure during training, and to make sure that candidates have sufficient knowledge, skills and aptitudes to start an airline pilot course

Minimum Age 17 (Minimum 18 before departure to US)

High School degree or equivalent (int'l Diploma)

Good knowledge of English

EASA Class 1 Medical certificate

Passport valid for at least 3 years

Financing Plan

Pilot Training Tests 

  • CONTROL : A compensation Task at basic hand/foot/eye co-ordination SLALOM :
  •  A tracking task looking at hand/eye coordination MATHEMATICS : 
  • A test of basic applied mathematical MEMORY : 
  • Accuracy of short-term memory recall and ability to 'chunk' information TASK MANAGER : 
  • A test of ability to scan the screen and manage two concurrent task accurately and quickly ORIENTATION : Instrument interpretation, comprehension and spatial orientation TECH-TEST : 
  • Technical comprehension test (physics test) AVIATION ENGLISH : 
  • Test English language ability, including recognizing ATC sound messages VERBAL REASONING : 
  • The ability of the candidate to understand, analyze and logically interpret written information In addition to the tests, candidates will also have to pass a personality test called the CPP (Checklist Professional Profile), which can be described as a psychological instrument, to play a crucial role in the selection and training of (ab-initio) pilots.

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