There is a vast difference between the required skill and available skills of service providers in the industry today. To reduce the skill gap, appropriate skilling of workforce needs to be carried out .This will not only empower the service providers but also benefit the Tourism & Hospitality industry in terms of quality and productivity.

to impart training for the skill and knowledge required to work as a Front Office Associate in the Tourism & Hospitality industry. It is designed based on Front Office Associate Qualification Pack under the National Skill Qualification Framework. It comprises of the following NOS/ topics:

  • Record guest details for registration. 
  •  Follow check-in procedure and allot room. 
  • Attend to guest queries. 
  •  Perform cashiering activities. •
  • Communicate with Customer and Colleagues. 
  •  Maintain Customer-Centric Service Orientation. 
  •  Maintain Standard of Etiquette and Hospitable Conduct. •
  • Follow Gender and Age Sensitive Service Practices. 
  • Maintain IPR of Organisation and Customers.
  •  Maintain Health and Hygiene. 
  • Maintain Safety at Workplace. 
  •  Learn a Foreign or Local Language(s) including English.


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